Curator #141: Elisabet Puigdollers

Elisabet (1)

Hi everyone!

I am Elisabet Puigdollers Mas, I am a 26 years old political scientist and feminist activist. I am passionate about many issues, but mainly politics and gender equality. I devote myself to strengthen the respectfor women and minorities’ rights and to keep the government power in check through my participationin associations within the civil society. I currently work at Servei Civil Internacional de Catalunya supporting youth at risk of social exclusion in overcoming obstacles that may prevent them from being an international volunteer. Despiste my short career, being honest with my convictions has led me to work in many different projects, always somehow related to the defense of Human Rights.

I consider myself to have a critical view on various social issues, in particular gender equality and interculturalism, as I have addressed them through different approaches. I am a feminist activist in Catalonia but I have also had the chance to attend to the 58th and 59th Comission on the Status of Women at the United Nations. There, I opened my mind to different cultural approaches to gender equality and I linked to the international feminist movement. Also, I am collaborating to develop an equality scheme in my hometown, Cardedeu, to promote gender equality through educational institutions. Finally, I have published my learnings and reflections on political articles at Racó català, Finestra d’oportunitat and El pati descobert for which I was awarded last year by the Women Media Association of Catalonia.

These days I will try to share with you the huge amount of initiatives for gender equality that we have in Catalonia and to show you the richness of our feminist movement. I hope you enjoy as much as I will!


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