Curator #140: Romain Renard


Hi there, my name is Romain Renard. I was born in France (Normandy), 31 years ago. I spent my adolescence in French Brittany, what makes me half a Viking and half a Celtic.
When i was 16, i was supposed to become a pilot, and travel all around the world flying into jumbojets. Then, I started to hang out with my friends, and play rock’n roll music in some pubs and venues in France (with these same friends!).

In 2007, I went to Barcelona on holidays, to visit a good friend of mine who was studying Spanish and English at UAB. Since then, we stayed in Catalonia to live a music life!
La Pegatina is the band i’m playing accordion in. We are 7 musicians playing music to make people have fun all around the globe… No, i’m no pilot. But thank to the music, I’m travelling more than I expected. Knowing differents cultures, food, people, emotions. Every day I think about that I’m lucky to do what i really want to do for a living, and I enjoy it!

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