Curator #139: Angelina Llongueras


My name is Angelina Llongueras. I was born in Barcelona, at the Poble Nou District and I have lived in Chicago for the last 3 years. I have just come back from a 2 week journey to El Salvador, as a volunteer and participant of the 2nd Congress on Live Community Culture (Cultura Viva Comunitaria)

At this Congress, my artistic contribution was stage directing some scenes from my play “Tejido sobre Tela de Araña” (Woven on a Spider Web, in original Spanish) for a stage reading done by srtudents of the Theatre School Es Artes in Suchitoto, El Salvador. You can learn more about this interestting school here
Yes, my thing is theatre. I am a theatre actress, and youncan still find me in the actors guide of the Catalan Actor and Duirector Union . I have also played in films and Tv, for fuilmmakers like Almodovar, Fernán Gómez, Bardem, and many others

I am also a playwright. My monologue “Phoolan is Everyone” (Phoolan som totes in original Catalan) was published by AADPC in their collection Teatre Entreacte, and has peticipated in the Bogotá and Cali Theatre Festivals and in the International Women Playwright’s Conference in Stockholm. Here you can see a 12 min excerpt of it in English-Catalan

In January 2016 this one woman show that I wrote and play will go to the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad, India at the invitation of her director, actress and dancer Mallika Sarabhai

My thing is also Historical Memory and Social Justice. My play “The Junk Room” (El Cobert, from its original Catalan) won the finalist mention of the 1st 14th April Contest for Theatre About Historical Memory by the Democratic Memorial of the Generalitat de Catalunya and was published by Arola Editors in Tarragona with a foreword by Miquel Caminal of the Democratic Memorial

As you may have guessed, I love travelling, have done it extensively as will continue doing so, never as a tourist, but always to contribute something to the place I go to, and to learn something from there.
I also love movies ! good ones ! What is our favorite one? Some of mine are The Life of others, The Bycicle Diaries, Tootsie…

I love and miss Catalonia, and hope to be able to go back there and contribute and learn from there, as I do from here, because I have always taken every opportunity to be present to it, even from the distance. I went there last to vote on the 9N Referendum. I am also a member of the Catalans in Chicago Group See if you can find me in the picture. Wish me luck for my return !