Curator #137: Guillem Garcia Brustenga

Guillem545x408Hi everybody,

My name is Guillem Garcia Brustenga (@txerdiakov). I live in Terrassa, a town very close to Barcelona, where I was born and where I work.

I am a telecommunications engineer with a master’s degree in Multimedia and I have coursed postgraduate studies in Business Administration and Project Management. I have been connected many years with technology project management, always in the area of innovative, internet-related projects.

Currently I work in the facilitation of internal innovation in the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) as manager in the field of innovation at the their eLearn Center , proposing the innovation model, detecting and fostering internal ideas and innovations and establishing mechanisms for turning ideas into innovations. I am interested in the design and rollout of results-oriented innovation models and strategies, primarily in environments related to e-learning and the knowledge society, and in the management and coordination of innovation projects.

I would also say that I have two daughters of 8 and 10 years old, that I like reading sci-fi, thriller and crime books, that I enjoy drawing and painting but I have difficulties to find the time, and that some weekends I go to Viladrau, a little village in the Montseny mountains.

This week I will be acting as curator of @Catalanvoices and I will be tweeting about my job and my daily live. At the end of this week it will be “La Castanyada”, the chestnuts feast that we celebrate in Catalonia instead of Halloween (or in addition to). I will tweet also about this.

I hope you enjoy it!


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