Curator #136: Mireia Olivé


My name is Mireia Olivé (@mireiaolive). I am a Catalan journalist and I am proud to be the Catalan Voices curator for the next week, from October 19th to 25th. I’m a native Barcelona lover, currently living in Terrassa (Vallès Occidental) because of my marriage in 1995.

As you can see in my LinkedIn profile (é-cristany/13/b26/874), after working for a newspaper and a communication company for some years, in 2007 I started working for myself as a freelance and I became a specialist in business and corporate communication, specialising in gastronomy, sports, culture and heritage, and tourism.

In these current times, as the technological evolution requires, I had to reorient my job to the field of online communication and now I’m a community manager and a Social Media strategist ( On one side, it is very difficult to reach everything in this complex and always changeable area. On the other side, as I work at home and am always connected, there’s the danger to let myself be dominated by the virtual life. But as my Twitter profile states, I concentrate on keeping balanced and trying not to be a geek.

It will be a pleasure to participate in the Catalan Voices project and talk to you about my experience on Internet and Social Media, at the same time as I show you how is life in Barcelona and in the Vallès, where I live, in Cambrils, the seaside where I spend my holidays, and in Val d’Aran (, the mountain destination where I’m currently working on online communication. I will also let you know about my other favourite subjects, such as the heritage of America in Catalunya (, Catalan cuisine ( and hockey (

In my free time, field hockey has probably been the most determining hobby in my life. As a result of practicing it when I was younger, I met my husband, I took part in the foundation of a club, Línia 22 (, which I presided over in the nineties, as well as participating in the Catalan Federation ( At present I manage the social network accounts of Línia 22 and my two children, Pere, 18 years old, and Julia, 15 years old, also play hockey in Egara (, another club located in Matadepera. Both play in the Catalan selection. Hockey training and matches control the weekly family timetable, but sport has enriched our lives considerably.

So, welcome to a week with a community manager mum! Ready? Let’s start!


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