Curator #134: Esther de Veer


My name Esther de Veer ( @edvproduct ) and I will be Catalan voice from 4 untill 11 October.

I am a specialised and registered animal keeper and worked as a a head of staff in Nationale Dieren Zorg , a specialised animal centre in Wassenaar, a wealthy village near The Hague (Holland). It was the job I had always dreamed of but, at that time I was anxious and knew that I still had many things that I wanted to experience such as travel and therefore I gave up my job to travel around Europe with my step sister living in a tent for several weeks during which time we decided to study a foreign language. We chose Spanish and studied in Barcelona (What did we know about Catalonia?) After completing the three month course I was very disappointed with the promised results so I decided to remain in Catalonia and get a summer season job in Lloret de Mar. It´s amazing, but instantly my language-knowledge became my strongest point (I considered myself always an absolute science type).

Down in Catalonia where I am living more than half my life now I re-schooled as a a professional receptionist and obtained a lot of certificates and diplomas. I did almost all the courses in Catalan, reason why I am convinced that school should be in Catalan now and always (even I learned to speak Catalan that way! )

Fascinated by computer and internet I retrained with a lot of computer and internet Technics like programming, design and social media. With my curiosity for the strength of social-media I started defending Lloret de Mar with my personal twitter account, the abundant commercial and negative publications as incentive . Attracted by a collaborative project of our region, “Hibriturselva“, I started to involve myself with communication in the region of La Selva with “commuLaSelva” especially in Twitter .

In one of my blogs: “papel creativa” you can observe creation is basic and I am always kept busy creating various forms of art using recycled materials and papermaché which is one of my favourites . As a papermaché artist I have obtained several requests for orders and I have participated in exhibitions in Lloret de Mar. My beliefs are collaboration, education and a better distribution. I am a proud mother of Veronica ,the most beautyful creation and dedication I ever had.
I will twitter and re-twitter these days about art, public transport, collaboration projects, nature, tourism, Lloret and La Selva region , The new technologies,education and other things I will find on my way because my interest is infinite, I hope you enjoy it


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