Curator #132: Elisenda Vila

elisendaWho am I? My name is Elisenda Vila (@ElisendaVilaArt) and I am a 34 years old Catalan woman currently living in London. According to my twitter account I am an Artist, a Teacher and an amateur Actress. But this is only part of who I am.

As an Artist I have been exhibiting around UK and Catalonia. A part of my website and my newly created twitter account I have a Facebook site to keep track of my artistic journey. I always wanted to be an artist and exhibit my work around the globe. But my interests were far more wide and diverse. I moved to Barcelona and I studied a Llicenciatura Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona where I specialized in Art Conservation. Afterwards I studied a MA Degree in Archaeology, a Postgraduate Degree in Technical Drawing and a Postgraduate Degree in Teaching Competence (a.k.a. CAP).

I started my career as an Archaeologist working in several sites across Catalonia. Then I switch into Museum work. I was Assistant Curator at the Museu de l’Art de la Pell and the Museu Maritim de Barcelona. And I also was a Teacher for a while. I taught Art in Secondary Schools and Collages. In total I spent 11 years living in Barcelona, city that I love dearly.

But as many others I was sent away from my country by a pungent crisis and the misleading of our leaders. And that brings at who I became, an Immigrant, a number in a shameful statistic. At the age of 30 I found myself unemployed, overqualified and with a truncated career. In Catalonia was no place for people like me. So, I packed my belongings in a 20 kg suitcase and with only my ambition and hope I headed north, leaving all my family, friends and past aspirations behind.

Four years later I am still living in London, a massive city with more inhabitants than in all Catalonia. London is a hard city but it is also full of opportunities and hard work, knowledge and dedication is rewarded. The UK has given me what Catalonia couldn’t, a chance to grow and succeed. For that I can only be grateful. Currently, a part of doing my artwork, I am also a Teacher, the MFL and Art Leader at Minerva Academy, a Primary School in Central London.

Another of my passions is acting; I am an Actress in my spare time. Since I was 5 I have been performing in theatre. The last performance that I did was an interpretation of Midsummer Night’s Dream of Shakespeare last July. However, one of the best moments in my life was when I performed in the London Olympic Opening Ceremony as one of the Industrial Revolution Workers in the Pandemonium bit.

And last but not least, I am the product of a rural education, a woman that was once a country girl. I grew up in a lovely little village in the mountains, Cànoves, where everyone says hello and know even your darkest secrets. And there is where my heart is and will always be.

For all of you I will be the curator of @CatalanVoices from Monday 21st September to Sunday 27th of September. It will be an interesting week with the Catalan elections on Sunday. I will be twitting about the campaign and how catalans aboard are living the process. But I will also be twitting about culture, art and my daily live in London.


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