Curator #130: Laura Borràs

Laura_final_estiuMy name is Laura Borràs (Find me on Twitter @LauraBorras) and I will be your curator of @Catalanvoices from Monday September 7 to Sunday September 13.

Since 2013 I’ve been the director of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (Institute of Catalan letters), an entity of the Government of Catalonia founded back in 1937 which has as a mission promoting and ensuring the continuity, improvement and expansion of the Catalan literature and acting as an advisory body of the Catalan Ministry of Culture in matters related to literature.

Besides that, I have been teaching Literary Theory, Comparative Literature and Electronic Literature at the University of Barcelona since 1995. I am also a member of the International Advisory Board of the Electronic Literature Organization. I am the Director of the Hermeneia Research Group, devoted to the study of Literary Studies and Digital Technologies since 1999 and the Master Program “Literature in the Digital Era” at the UB as well. I have been Visiting Professor at the Kingston University in London and coordinator for the UB of the International Comparative Literature Program, Master Mundus: Interzones.

This week will be quite interesting here in Catalonia as there’s a huge political demonstration expected next Friday in Barcelona on our National Day. It will be known as the “Via Lliure to the Republic of Catalonia” and it surely will be great. I will tweet about that among other things. I hope you enjoy it!


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