Curator #127: Jordi Escribà

Jordi Escribà Catalan VoicesHola a tots! I am Jordi Escribà (@jordiescriba), and from my name you will probably guess my origins. Well yes, I’m a Catalan from Barcelona, where I was born a day of March of 1979. By the way, if you wonder when is a good time to visit Barcelona, my answer is always the same: don’t miss Sant Jordi (April 23rd), probably one of the nicest days to walk around the city and discover our traditions of roses and books. Strong soft power for a very small country :d

Although I hold a degree in Economics (Universitat de Barcelona), my real vocation is anything related with international affairs (politics, culture, economy, conflicts, etc.). At IBEI (Master in International Relations, @ibei) I had the chance to enhance my academic knowledge related to this field.

My job is advising companies and institutions in developing international projects, namely by helping them to get funding from the European Commission and other International Organizations. I do it from my small consultancy company B.LINK, which I co-founded one year ago with my partner. We work with both public and private clients, and our field of expertise ranges from SMEs competitiveness to tourism promotion or sports. Indeed, the EC funds collaborative projects in almost all domains (R&D, innovation, education, culture, justice, social affairs, health, urban mobility, etc.) and participation in the so-called “European projects” is becoming more and more popular in Catalonia. Although competition is fierce, cuts in national and local public funding makes EU programmes an appealing alternative for organizations willing to develop international projects and innovate in their areas of expertise.

I gained my professional experience at ACCIÓ (the Catalan Agency for Competitiveness, @accio_cat) where I spent almost 10 years of my life, both in its Delegation to the EU in Brussels and in its HQ in Barcelona. In Brussels I also had the unique opportunity of working in the European Commission and hence witnessing from within how is an International Organization.
Other aspects that define my personality is my passion for the Balkans (and in general Eastern Europe) and the Middle East, two regions that are permanently alive (for good or bad reasons). If I ever get lost, look for me in Sarajevo or Belgrade tasting their excellent cuisine or listening to gipsy music.

In terms of music, I am lucky to live in a city and country which is part of the international scene, gathering every year best mainstream and alternative bands, and where festivals like Primavera Sound, Cruïlla, Sonar or Vida offer a wide range of heterogeneous sounds, becoming a reference for both locals and tourists.

After this introduction, let’s meet and discuss virtually from August 17-23!


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