Curator #125: Gerard Castaño

CastanoHi everyone! I’m Gerard Castaño, I’m 20 years old and I study at the University of Girona where I’ll start my third year of degree on Political Science in september. I have to say it will be my honour to be the curator of @Catalanvoices from 3rd to 9th of August. You can check my personal Twitter account if you want to be up to date with the publications and interests I share: @GerardCastao.

I’ve been living my entire life in a small town next to Girona-Costa Brava airport called Salitja, which is part of a municipality together with Vilobí d’Onyar and Sant Dalmai. These are three beautiful villages standing by the natural site of la Crosa, famous for the volcano of the same name, and the variety of fauna and flora it has.

Telling you a little more about me, I’d say that I’m deeply interested in everything concerning politics, in both the national level and the international field, but it’s quite obvious because if not I wouldn’t have started a degree on Political Science. Politics have led me to develope other hobbies and interests I have, like learning foreign languages or travelling which combined are further more interesting than separated and pretty more enjoyable. I’ve recently attended to several international sessions across Europe organised by the European Youth Parliament (EYP), a platform and space of debate for the youngsters to make them better citizens and more active in a European Union in constant change. In these events I could combine my interests at the same time (language skills, politics, travelling and social relations), making of this a great experience really recommendable to any person of my generation who wants to be more active in the political life of the EU.

Furthermore and to conclude, I’d add that I’m passionate about history and everything I see whatever it is and whatever the historical value it has, catches my attention. It doesn’t matter where I could be on a trip that if I see something historical, I’ll find out more about it, just as a matter of interest because I cannot avoid it, I love it. You’ll see that I’ll tweet about several issues concerning my hobbies which I hope you’ll enjoy, and I’ll be really happy if I can show you more interesting things about my country, Catalunya.


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