Curator #123: Joaquim Bretcha


Hi, I am Joaquim Bretcha. Except for my parents, all my relatives, friends and close colleagues, call me “Quim” (pronounced as “Kim”). As much as it may appear, it has nothing to do with Korean. The simple reason for this short name is that we, Catalans, shorten our names keeping the sound of the end (i.e Cesc comes from Francesc, Pep from Josep, Fina from Josefina…and Quim from Joaquim).

I am an Economist by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and Postgraduate by the IESE Business School (Barcelona). As a first introduction, I would remark that two main factors have drawn my personality: an endless curiosity and Internationality. Both have led me to become a passionate person for Social Sciences and to grow with a strong sensitiveness for cultural diversity. A frequent traveler, I can properly communicate in 5 different languages.

With regards to my profession, the Consumer understanding has been the driver of my 20 year working experience. I have developed different roles all along the Value Chain in the Market Research Industry: End Client, Agency and Service Provider.

In Spain, my positions as “End Client” have been as Marketing and Merchandising Director at the 2 main French Supermarkets (Carrefour and Auchan) and Marketing Responsible at the principal Spanish FMCG association, AECOC – GS1. On the Market Research Agency side, I have served for six years as Retail Director in TNSWorldpanel (currently Kantar-WPP) and Synovate (currently Ipsos). As a Service Provider of online Data Collection, I am currently leading the international business of Netquest in Europe and Asia. This last responsibility is being very rewarding. Netquest is a Catalan company, born in Barcelona in 2001. With great pride, I can say I have, together with an awesome team, actively contributed to its international expansion and recognition, becoming the market leader in its geographic area.

Most recently, I have been elected as a Council member of the worldwide Market Research association, ESOMAR. From this board I have the privilege of getting the global vision of my industry, as well as the challenge to help our members to successfully embrace the changes technology and our life’s digitalization are bringing.

Born and grown up in Barcelona, I am currently living in Terrassa (Barcelona) and keep my solid roots in Girona. So, today I am a proud Egarenc, Barceloní de Sarrià and Gironí. I started to travel very young. When starting my career I have intensely travelled around Spain and the US, having lived for a period of time in Madrid and Zaragoza. Since working at Netquest my travelling scope has shifted to Europe, Asia and less frequently to the Americas.

I have a full range of interests. One of my main hobbies is History. History helps me to understand our world, how societies interact and read the future trends relating to the past. I combine my love to History to the one of travelling. Learning the History of the places I visit is one of my deepest pleasures. Besides, I love reading, cinema, listening to music, discovering new places and people and enjoying an interesting conversation around some good food and wine. As a kid I used to play football and I have always been a strong FC Barcelona supporter. In fact, it is the only football I am interested in. Today, my sports chapter is focused on ski, biking and from time to time sailing with my friend Carles.

To conclude my introduction, I will share with you my most valuable characteristic. I am married and I’m a father of 2 marvellous boys and a lovely daughter. Aged 10, 8 and 6, they take most of my free time, are at the center of my attention, concerns and joy and challenge me every day to be a better person.


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