Curator #122: Núria Cid


Hi everybody! My name is Núria Cid Puey and I am a freshwater ecologist working at the Freshwater Ecology and Management Research (F.E.M.) group of the Department of Ecology, University of Barcelona (UB).

I grew up in Gandesa (Terra Alta, Catalonia) and studied Biology at the University of Barcelona. My passion for rivers started in my childhood during those summers swimming and playing in the pools of the Canaletes and Algars Rivers. My research interests started at the Ebro River, after working at the Sebes Natural Reserve (Flix) and collaborating in a project concerning endangered freshwater mussels. Afterwards, I did my PhD at the Department of Ecology (UB) in collaboration with the IRTA Aquatic Ecosystems working on the ecological assessment of the main human pressures received by the Ebro River, such as heavy metal and pesticide pollution, hydrological alterations and the introduction of alien species.

I spent two and a half years in Italy working at the Institute of Environment and Sustainability of the European Commission, where I participated in research projects with the aim to halt freshwater biodiversity loss in Europe (BioFresh). Rivers, lakes and wetlands contain disproportionately high biodiversity but their deterioration has been notable over the last decades so that global freshwater biodiversity has declined at a much greater rate compared to terrestrial and marine ecosystems. In this context, our team was involved in research studies for the identification of priority areas for conservation and management needs according to European and international agreements. Besides, I became member of the Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas, an open source initiative to disseminate scientific publications on this topic.

Recently I came back to Catalonia to work on Mediterranean temporary streams and rivers, which contain most of Europe´s threatened freshwater biodiversity. In this project (LIFE TRivers) am dedicated to study the effects of drying in aquatic communities in these ecosystems to improve their conservation and restoration.

During my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing piano and going to concerts. I love good wine.

As curator of the @Catalanvoices, I will tweet about my work and personal interests and do my best to connect people with our rivers, lakes and music.

Thank you for offering me this opportunity!


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