Curator #121: Pere-Joan Cardona Iglesias

pJCI_CuratorHi, I’m Pere-Joan Cardona Iglesias (@pjcardona14) and I have the privilege to be your curator from 6 to 12 July, 2015. I was born in Manresa, a medium size city in the middle of my country, but since I started to study medicine I’m living “exiled” in Barcelona.

After winning by Medical Doctor degree and becoming Clinical Microbiology specialist, I finally defended my PhD degree in a thesis about experimental tuberculosis. Yes, since 1997 I started to devote my entire professional time into the research of the most devastating known disease: the tuberculosis. In my aim to try to eradicate it, I’ve also approach the transference field by founding two biotech “spin-offs”: “Archivel Farma”, on 2000, to develop a therapeutic vaccine (RUTI) and recently “Manremyc” (2013) to develop a food supplement able to reduce the risk of developing tuberculosis.

On my personal level, I have a strong interest for arts. I’m a literature fan: I love this kind of book that you start to slow its reading because you have the panic of the emptiness after finishing it. I love cinema and music. In fact I sing as a tenor in a Chorus. And I also am a watercolour fanatic, I paint as much as I can, and I try to expose my paints in the blog known as “iklesies”. Sports? Member of Barça, I’ve been raised with football, but I was better in basketball. I use to be a constant runner (marathons and so on), but I’ve changed for swimming, which is more gentle for my bones… but I must confess that I have a growing interest for cricket… as I’m more and more in contact with India, as a consequence of my professional activity and the willing for tuberculosis eradication. Cricket is a growing sport in Catalonia (!!!!

I have also a link to the rural world, as I’m the curator of a little piece of dry land that has been passing through different generations in my family, near Manresa, at Sant Pere Sallavinera, where I try to grow ecologic barley to produce local malt and try to raise an ancient expertise of making local artisanal beer.

Finally I confess to be myself in love with my family, my wonderful wife and my three kids that keep me busy, alive and in constant challenge; and with my little country, where you can be “exiled” 60 km far from your county road! But so close to the most beautiful landscapes, mountains, valleys and coasts; exquisite cuisine, explendid wines, specially the ones made in the Bages County. This is Catalonia, which I will try to show you during this week through my all professional and personal activities. I hope you will enjoy this travel with me!!!!


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