Curator #120: Carlos Mascarell

carlesblogMy name is Carlos Mascarell (@JrMasca) and I live in Brussels since September 2012. First I worked as a temporary consultant at the EU office of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, which is the foundation (you know, a sort of think tank or platform that does academic and policy research) linked to the German Green Party. Since April 2013 I am working as a Policy Officer on Governance and Citizenship at the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, which is the main European organization defending the interests of local and regional governments (in 41 countries) in front of the EU institutions. It sounds strange and important, I know, but at the end is a normal job.  Mainly, I deal with multi-level governance issues, diversity and integration, citizenship and youth within CEMR Secretariat.

Together with 30 other colleagues, we defend the interests of #localgov and regional government through their national associations (which are members of @ccrecemr) with respect to the legislation coming from the EU institutions that has an impact at the local and regional levels. Around 60% of the EU legislation is implemented at the local and regional levels. Beyond the EU institutions, who are the main decision-making bodies of the EU (the Parliament, the Council and the Commission), you need to know that there are around 30.000 lobbyists in Brussels trying to influence the legislative process into one direction or another. They are those people representing CSO’s, private sector representatives, interest groups and so on that try to influence the decision-making process according their own interests. Brussels is the second city in the world with more lobbyists after Washington.

As far as my previous experience and personal interests are concerned, I am a political scientist specialized in international relations and European Affairs and I have also worked for the United Nations on disarmament related-issues as well as for a Member of the European Parliament. I am a Barça fan, I love cycling, skiing and the sea. In my free time I write articles and participate in politics. I believe we can change the world if everybody does something to achieve it.


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