Curator #119: Marco Inzitari

Marco foto blogHi everyone! My name is Marco (@marcoinzi), I’m Italian, from Florence, and I’ve been living in Barcelona for 8 years after a transition of 2 years in Pittsburgh, USA. At first I was considered a sort of “weird” phenomenon, because speaking a good Catalan and not Spanish at all, but my residual “brain plasticity” is allowing me to improve in both languages and to remember a little French as well (even if with a marked Italian accent)! After all this time, because of my roots and family here in Barcelona, I would declare myself at least a 40% Catalan.

I’m a physician by chance and a vocational geriatrician, I consider myself very lucky to be working in a field I love, the care of older persons. I share my dedication between the management of a large, public, post-acute hospital for older adults in Barcelona, Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili, the leadership of an amazing and enthusiastic small group of young researchers, and a little clinical practice in the field of people with dementia. In all this, I try to foster interesting collisions and to establish bridges with other people and groups from health and social care, universities etc.

I love staying with my family, taking care of my wonderful daughters as much as I can, reading and watching movies (at Verdi and Boliche cinemas if possible) when possible, listening to music, following politics and practicing a little sport. I hope one of my daughters will enjoy dancing when grown up and will bring me out to dance! Sea and mountain, I find my spot everywhere.

I’m proud to be curator of @Catalanvoices and glad to quickly share some thoughts and experiences with all of you.


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