Curator #115: Maria Galindo


HOLA FRIENDS! I am Maria and I enjoy living and working in Barcelona. Sometimes over the weekend I rush to the Costa Brava for the fresh windy air and amazing cliffs, beaches and towns, and in the winter I enjoy the feast of sliding down the slopes of the Pyrenees. I am in love with Catalunya.

I can enjoy anything, anywhere, as long as I’m with the right people: those that make me smile and my heart race.

I like travelling, meeting new people and new places. Sometimes, in the early morning, I write, and sometimes I do yoga. I started running because it was convenient, now I run because I enjoy it a lot.

I will probably tweet a lot about Barcelona and Smart Cities, which is what I do for a living, and for a conviction. I will also tweet pictures of places, maps, infographics, and anything random and/or weird that will probably happen to me…

Smile :)



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