Curator #114: Gil Pla

GilPlaHey there!

My name is Gil Pla (aka @gildevic in Twitter and Tech environments), I’m from Vic (Barcelona, CAT) and I’ll be the #114th curator of @CatalanVoices project.

Let me introduce myself. I studied Sports Sciences BA and after that I got a MA in Child Psychomotor Development. That opened me the doors of the university where I got the PH.D. in Education. So my research & lecturing topics are: teacher training, physical education and child motor development. You can see my professional outcomes here. Currently I’m lecturer at University of Vic (Barcelona, CAT).

Apart from Vic, I rooted in Alt Empordà, with its strong-northern wind so called “tramuntana”, and Germany. This second root started in Alt Empordà knowing German people but was boosted in 2013 when I did a long research stay in the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz (Rheinland-Pfalz, GER) with my wife and my two daughters. After that period I’m often in Germany for academically activities. In fact, during the whole week I’ll be tweeting from Europa-Universität Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein, GER) because I’m granted for the Catalan Government to research abroad in MIF program (@ProgramaMIF) which intends to improve the Catalan educational system.

But that’s not only me, because as the German people says: “du bist nicht dein Job” (“you are not your job”)! I am a former rugby player and I think that’s one of the prettiest things of ever done. Playing rugby I learnt about live, about friendship and about me. I also love wine and of course (as a rugbyman and a Germany-lover) beer. I love my family and try to taste and feel every little moment of my life.

And that’s all folks! If you are interested in Education, Teaching, Sports or even Technology: I’m your “curator man”! I’ll tweet about these topics and I hope you enjoy this week. Don’t hesitate to ask, to discuss or even share if you like my tweets.


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