Curator #113: Anna Schlegel

Schlegel2Hello everyone!

I am super stoked to be the this week´s curator of @catalanvoices! My name is Anna N Schlegel, I am a native of Olot, Catalunya, who moved to California in 1992. I am a Senior Director of Engineering teams @netapp, the number 1 storage Operating System in the world. Can you imagine that!?

I have a wonderful family full of teenagers who were born in California and enjoy coming to Catalunya every Summer since they were born. We live in the Silicon Valley, the heart of innovation, where Facebook and twitter, and google and apple and and and are located. One breaths innovation here, we push each other on all our ideas and it is super invigorating!
I have co-founded 2 well known organizations here in the Bay Area, one is a group for Women in the Globalization space: and I am equally passionate about my Kenyan foundation to support several schools in the Masaai Mara region bordering Tanzania:


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