Curator #111: Ester Sarquella

foto sarquellaHello everybody! My name is Ester Sarquella (@estersarquella) and I’m from Vic (Barcelona) despite my heart is a bit in Roses (Alt Empordà) and Koblenz (Rheinland-Pfalz) as I have some of my personal fondest memories there.

It’s a great honour to be this week’s curator. Cool to be the 111th one!

Let’s give you some information to introduce myself. I’m educational psychologist, social educator and Master in Public Service Management. At this moment I work as a member of the Operational Committee of the Catalan Government Plan for the health and social integrated care. We’re working to catalyze the transformation of the Health and Social Services systems to make them able to work better together for the people who need complex care. Apart from this, I’m also member of the Directive board of the Master Gessaph and member of the Executive committee of the Forum ITESSS (@forumitesss). As my main fields of interest are social policies and social services management, local government and public service innovation, disruptive innovation and integrated care, I’m really enjoying being part of these professional projects!

I started working as social educator for children, young and families for the Vic City Council and some years later also as associate docent for the Education Department in Vic University. In 2006 I moved to another local authority (@mancoplana) to direct the social policies area.

I must admit that I don’t have too much time for leisure activities now, but I love handcraft and cook homemade desserts with my two daughters. They are 10 and almost 9 y.o. and it’s very funny to see how excited they are for me being @catalanvoices curator.

I’ll mostly share contents and thoughts on health, social care, integrated care and innovation. I hope it’s relevant to you and that you enjoy it!


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