Curator #105: Paul Costello

PaulCostelloMy name is Paul Costello (@pcostelloriera) and I will be this week’s curator of @catalanvoices! I am the son of a Bostonian and a Badalonina and was born in Switzerland 25 years ago. This has given me the great luck of speaking English, Catalan, French and Spanish fluently from a young age (not quite sure at what age I actually realized these were four different languages…) since I was exposed to these every day at home and outside. I grew up in Nyon but have also lived in Montreal, Barcelona, and now Berlin. I’ve played basketball all my life, but am also a big Barça fan (surprise surprise).

Currently I am living in Berlin and studying in the Master of Public Policy program of the Hertie School of Governance – which I am enjoying very much (both the city and the Master’s program). Before that I was working in an amazing project called SOS – Save Our Species (@SpeciesSavers) which funds projects working to save hundreds of endangered species across the globe.

I don’t find it easy to narrow down my interests (academically, professionally, and in terms of leisure), but in my free time I mostly enjoy playing sports, reading, and spending time with friends. When in Catalonia I spend most of my free time and weekends in the Montseny.

Not too sure what I will be tweeting about, but hope you will find it interesting nonetheless!


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