Curator #104: Enric Blanes

blanes_enric_catalanvoicesHi there! My name is Enric Blanes. I am delighted to be the 104th curator of @catalanvoices. It is a great honor and privilege!

I am 50 years old. I was born in Sabadell, an industrial city 20 km north of Barcelona. I live with my wife Maria (50), my daughter Andrea (22), and our dog Dan (4), in Barcelona. We live in Sants, an old neighbourhood, near the main train station in the city. Sants is well known in Barcelona for its long comercial street and for its strong network of NGO. It is mostly ignored by tourists.

I work as a civil servant in the Catalan Government. I lead a team of people who work on web, intranet, graphic design, edition services, translation, e-services, knowledge management, usability, open data, transparency… So, I work on corporate communication, although I do not cover political communication (that is our press office job). My professional Twitter account is @ebdifusio.

I studied Literature. Books and movies have always been my main hobbies. My favourite writer is Gabriel Ferrater (1922-1972), a poet. His book Les dones i els dies is my pillow book (it was translated in English by Arthur Terry: Women and Days). I published a blog about Ferrater’s work, Un fres de móres negres. I devoted my personal twitter account @eblanes to Ferrater for some years. In 2012 I stopped both the blog and @eblanes. My favourite film director is Éric Rohmer.

Why did I stop reading Ferrater and writing about him? Because I joined the pro-independence movement in September 2012. Now I am an activist in the Catalan National Assembly, the grassroots, peaceful, self-funded, non-partisan movement for independence. I am working in Sants-Montjuïc for Independence, our local chapter in Sants (2,600 activists in our neighbourhood), as a member of the coordination team. I am also a member of the communication team. We publish a web, a Facebook account and two Twitter accounts: @assembleasmxi, in Catalan, curated by 4 people, and @IndySants, in English, curated by 2 people.

I will tweet about my job, my activism and my ordinary life.


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