Curator #103: Esther Flubacher

EstherFlubacherHello everybody

My name is Esther Flubacher and I am more than excited to be this week´s curator of @catalanvoices!

Daughter of a Swiss father and Catalan mother I grew up in Basel and am now living in Zurich where I work as a lawyer in the financial sector. I literally grew up with one foot in each culture, even though I’ve always lived in Switzerland except for my Erasmus year in Barcelona. My family and friends are distributed in both countries and as a logical consequence my heart also beats equally for both nations.

I love politics!

And this obviously has some consequenceses, e.g. I try to follow the news by reading the newspapers of both countries. Since 2008 I am member of a young and thus still rather small party called green-liberal party (glp). There I am actively participating in the political discussion in Zurich, trying to find solutions in the triangle of feminism, environmental issues and a basically liberal approach to the itches of our society (yes, why simple when you can do it complicated ;-) ). Currently I am running for the parliament of the Kanton of Zurich; election day is April 12th.

My goal for this week as curator of catalanvoices is to do what I have always done in private: try to explain the good and bad things of both nations and to find and point out what one could learn from the other. The week is packed with lots of events with political content.

Ahhh, and I also do love flamenco….

So stay tuned :-)


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