Curator #102: Masumi Mutsuda

MasumiHi there!

I’m Masumi Mutsuda (@mutsuda) and I’m honored to be the curator of catalanvoices this week. I’m Catalan and I’m a voice actor.

I was born in Barcelona to a Japanese father and a Catalan mother. I went to an elementary music school where I learned to play the piano and the flute.
For one of those things that just happen, at the age of 8 I started working in the voice acting industry with the Spanish version of Forrest Gump (playing Haley Joel Osment as Forrest Gump Jr), starting my voice acting career in both Catalan and Spanish.

It quickly escalated because young voice actors were really needed for both cinema and TV commercials. During my early career I got to be Anakin in Star Wars Episode I, Gus in Recess (La Banda del Patio), Hoghart in The Iron Giant (El Gigante de Hierro), the Catalan Elliot in E.T., the Catalan Harry Potter in all movies and I recently got to play Logan Lerman in Noah (Noé) and Fury (Corazones de Acero) among others. I’m also the continuity announcer of Super 3, a TV channel for kids.

While working in the industry I studied Computer Science at the UPC Barcelonatech and helped found a company called Camaloon, where you can find me when I’m not in a studio.

I love taking pictures, editing videos and composing music.
I sometimes write stuff on my blog.

But what I really enjoy is my voice acting job. Every part on a movie is a new challenge. Every new character, every new actor. The amount of satisfaction is proporcional to the amount of effort you put in every single line, and yet, the goal is to make your work go unnoticed, blending with the character.
You know you’ve done a great job when people watch a movie you are in and no one talks about its dubbing.
Because we are just an accessibility tool after all. We are making culture accessible to a part of the population that otherwise would not be able to enjoy it. If you can read Shakespeare in english, lucky you, but if you can’t you should be able to enjoy it anyway, right?

During this week I’ll share my thoughts an try to show you why I think Catalan dubbing is so important to protect the language.

It’s showtime!


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