Curator #100: Patricia Caicedo

PatriciaCaicedoHello everybody! My name is Patricia Caicedo and I´m very happy to be this week´s curator, is a great honor!

I´m a soprano, a musicologist and a physician. I started studying music at age 4, and since then music has accompanied me in every moment of my life.

I was born in Colombia where I studied medicine. As soon as I finished my career I went back to the Conservatory to study voice, thinking that it would be my hobby, but little by little music became more and more important, until one day, when I was 28, I decided to give it a try.

I remember thinking that I wouldn´t like to reach 40 one day and look back and regret for what I could have done and didn’t do… so, I packed my bags and moved to Barcelona to study voice with a very well known singing teacher and to start a new life. And that was when my love affair with Barcelona began.

As a classical singer I´m specialized in the vocal repertoire of Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. I have a real passion and sense of mission related to the promotion of this repertoire. Oddly, even today, in the XXI century, music institutions continue training classical singers mainly in German, Italian and French repertoire, ignoring the existence of a rich repertoire, ours!

So, my life’s mission is to internationally promote and create awareness of the rich vocal repertoire in Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese. As part of this mission I have written books, recorded CDs and created a festival dedicated to the promotion of this music and its composers; the Barcelona Festival of Song.

For me singing is fascinating. Songs are like mirrors that reflect society´s values and the ways of expression feelings and emotions in different moments in history.

And again, songs were the entrance doors to the Catalan culture. Singing the songs of Mompou, Toldrà, Montsalvatge and Granados I fell in love with the Catalan language and poetry, and the composers and poets became my guides in to the culture and my companions when feeling lonely.

My doctoral dissertation as a musicologist was about national identity and how we can observe in songs the different moments in the conformation of it…and talking about identity…after 16 years living in Catalunya I consider myself Colombian and Catalan in equal parts, I´m Colombo-catalana, I feel this combination enriches my life and gives me a varied palette of emotions and ways to understand our ever-changing world.

I am very interested in technology, especially in finding ways to incorporate technology in music education and in the promotion of creativity. In 2014, I created EYECatalunya, a platform for the international promotion of Catalan creators, not only artists, because I think creativity is present in all disciplines. With this project I want to contribute to the promotion of our country and to the construction of an inclusive Catalan national identity.

I have lived some years in the US, and now I travel there frequently as a visiting artist and teacher to universities. Everywhere I go I bring my bag of songs, songs with poetic texts by our great poets.

By this moment you can probably intuit that I love languages. I perceive them as the gateway to different cultures and as necessary keys to understand different sensibilities. I speak Catalan, Portuguese, English, and Spanish and now I am learning Arabic!

Now that you know a little bit about me, and what excites me, you can expect a week full of music, poetry, technology and inspirational interviews to some of the most innovative creators who live in our beautiful Catalunya.


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