Curator #99: Sergi Perramon


Hi everyone ! My name is Sergi Perramon (@SergiPerramon), and I’m a Catalan law student who lives in Manresa. Manresa is perhaps an unknown town, but the truth is that it has lots of history and beautiful places that makes me wonder why it is unfamiliar for tourists.

I studied a very short time in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Then I started the degree in political science which has not been finished because I am also studying law in a Virtual University . I am a lover of literature and specially poetry linked to romantic movement. That’s why with my closest friends we are going to write a compilation of poems, all of them written in Catalan.

To participate actively in politics is as a consequence of the situation in Catalonia, which continuously receives attacks to its self-culture and self-government . Another reason that prompted me to participate in politics was the fact that I believe there is an (in)sufficient protection of institutions to protect the welfare of animals. It would be a great honor for me to bring some more knowledge of this small country, as well as the concerns that we have the Catalan people. Thanks to this tool @Catalanvoices which makes getting our contributions to the world.

Thanks ! Hope you enjoy !


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