Curator #98: Miquel Melero

Miquel MeleroHello everyone! I’m @miquimel, a Catalan expat born in Badalona and currently living in London. I’ve spent the last 12 years of my life here, mostly in Tufnell Park. A pleasant North London chunk of the Borough of Islington, by the West edge of Camden.

Curating AC ( and a BA degree in politics, philosophy and history at Birkbeck University are my main occupations at the moment, although I’ve dedicated most of my time here to the English Heritage. Privilegedly based at the beautiful Kenwood House, in Hampstead Heath. A lovely piece of the quintessential English countryside within London.

Over this time I have explored thoroughly this huge city to find its most enchanting spots, which is probably my main hobby, normally far from the busy town centre though. You can also find me enjoying a trendy café, a cosy gastro-pub, a praised bookshop, an independent cinema, or just strolling seeking for a pretty corner or a local gem. I sometimes graphically report my findings on Instagram.

I’ve always found London excessive, out of proportion, too layered, although consistently able to seduce me through its diversity, stories, contrasts, and less obvious features.

Here, besides AC, I’ve contributed to building bridges between the English and Catalan cultures being a member and directing Catalans UK (the ‘Casal Català’ of London) for some time, and creating, along with an enthusiastic team, the local section of the ANC. I believe Catalans tend to admire things English, and that it is generally ignored the significant things that we have in common.

My friends know that I spend too much time on social media, but I really look forward to share my views with you for a few days.


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