Curator #96: Xavier Clotet

foto_blogHi all!

My name is Xavier (@xclotet), and I’m a Catalan physicist currently living in Worcester (Woostah), Massachusetts, USA. The city, know as the Heart of the Commonwealth, is located at the very center of Massachusetts.

I was born and grew up in another “heart“, in this case, of Catalonia: Manresa, a mid-size town 60 km from Barcelona to the west. I moved to the capital of Catalonia to study physics at the Universitat de Barcelona and later I lived between Barcelona and Lyon (France) while doing my PhD also in physics between the Universitat de Barcelona and the ENS-Lyon.

At the moment, I’m working as a post-doctoral researcher at Clark University. Here we try to understand how particles sediment in a number of fluids from a fundamental point of view. Among the different liquids we use, the so-called complex fluids are the most fun to play with. A good example of such fluids is cornstarch + water, you can try it out at home!

As for the spare time, I love hiking, photography, and travelling around. In my free time here in the U.S. of A. I enjoy discovering my new host country, and specially New England, which is a perfect place for hiking, photography, and travelling around! (As long as you have car, of course.)

Finally, I’m glad to be the curator of @catalanvoices for one week. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be tweeting about, but some science and aspects of the daily american life will be there for sure. I hope you enjoy!

There we go!


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