Curator #94: David Martí

DavidMartíMy name is David Martí (@davidmarti). I was born in Calella, near Barcelona, and for the last 18 years have lived and pursued my career in Girona. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and a master’s degree in search engines.

I am the co-founder and managing director of “Playbrand”, a digital marketing and communications consultancy ( I am also the co-founder of “Movintracks”, a tech start up launched one year ago (

I am also an associate professor of marketing and business at the University of Girona ( In my free time (yes, I am left with a little!) I work actively for the independence of my country, Catalonia, which could soon be its own state within the European Union. I do this work as president of Òmnium Cultural in Girona (

I wanted to take the picture at the top of this post beside a drawing of “The Ictineo”, an invention of the famous Catalan Narcís Monturiol. He was the inventor of the first air independent and combustion engine driven submarine.

I will share my thoughts on business, the university and technology, as well as politics, traditions and some of my more respectable interests. ;-)

I hope it is relevant to you and that you enjoy it!


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