Curator #93: Carles Roca


Hi! my name is Carles (@marphille). I’m happy to be the 93rd!

I was born the same year Led Zeppelin released “Physical Graffiti”. I lived in Tona (center Catalonia) all my childhood. I studied Geography and went to Erasmus in Utrecht. Cool. When I came back I decided to move to Barcelona. There I worked in so many different places, not really career focused at the beginning, for some time it was something more pay-the-rent focused. Great experience.

One day I applied for a job in a Japanese company newly stablished in Catalonia. I had no experience in office work but I spoke English and I was so willing to learn, what else do they need? They hired me. Cheers. From there, I worked in many different international companies, big and small. Import-Export. Selling, buying. Sending stuff from here to there and from there to here. Trips abroad and all that. Interesting.
During that time I fostered my passion for English language and I noticed that, in general, Catalan people speak bad English. If if between between. I decided to do something about it and share my passion for the language. I started miLLoringlix in 2009. It was a blog of nano lessons. Then, in 2011, it was also a book, co-written with Salvador Macip.
Before that I had already created some other blogs and projects in the internet. Too long to explain.

But I was still using fax machines at work. Gosh. So I left my work and career. I changed my life. I was already thirty something at that point. No regrets. I designed a new career path and it worked.

My second career is internet business. Social Media and now, ecommerce. Occasionally I do some teaching too. Now I work and I’m a little investor in Camaloon. A great startup. We grow so fast and we learn even faster. I hire people who are willing to learn, like that guy did some years ago. Cheers again.

My wife is from Liverpool, we have a wonderful two year old boy who is (almost) trilingual. I love being a father.
I also love writing, painting and reading about history and behavioural economics.

About Catalonia? I don’t consider myself nationalist but I voted yes-yes. Convinced. The reason? I want a better country for the kid, we must try.
I hope you enjoy my tweets.


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