Curator #90: Ariadna Rodrigo


My name is Ariadna Rodrigo (@AriRodrigo), and although I was born and raised in Barcelona, I have been living in Brussels for the last three years. This is a unique and very cosmopolitan city, with many connections with Catalonia, such as the love for modernist architecture and linguistic diversity.

Before arriving in Brussels I lived in the UK for about 7 years, mainly working on environmental policy, international development and public governance, as well as drinking tea, the national sport.

At the moment, I work for Friends of the Earth Europe, an NGO in Brussels (, where I campaign with the aim of getting the EU institutions to pass laws that take into consideration both people and the planet. It might sound straightforward, but it has its challenges! My specific area of work is on natural resource use, since although many of the resources that surround us are limited, our current policies and the economic system assume that they will be in plentiful supply forever.

I’m a strong believer in the active participation of civil society in politics, with the objective of having policies and an economic system that have its citizens at its heart. I have been active in many grassroots environmental and human rights organisations since I was a teenager.

I look forward to curating @catalanvoices. I will be tweeting about life in Brussels as well as what is going on in the EU, especially now that the new Commission seems to be very controversial. I hope you’ll find it interesting!


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