Curator #87: Paula Martínez

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Hi there!
I’m Paula Martínez (@tradsir), a twenty-five year old girl currently living in Tokyo, Japan.
I was born and raised in Lleida, a beautiful and peaceful city in Western Catalonia (I proudly speak with a Lleida-ish accent). Anyways, when I turned 18 I moved to Barcelona to study a degree in Translation and Interpreting. During my time in university I finally figured out something that I had been suspecting for a long time: I was totally in love with Japanese language, history and culture (and food!), so I took the chance and spent one year abroad as an exchange student in Saitama, Japan. That was one of the most magical years in my entire life. It made me realize how much I wanted to become a Japanese translator someday.
But you know what people say about good things coming to an end, right? So did my abroad year experience. After returning to Barcelona I entered a Master’s Graduate Program on Audiovisual Translation while doing some translation jobs for two Japanese literature-oriented publishers. I wrote one of the chapters of a book titled “Tadaima” (which in Japanese means “I’m home”, ) and translated my first novel from Japanese into Spanish (“Crecer” by Ichiyô Higuchi, soon at ).
After graduating from my MA’s degree in Barcelona, I received a Japanese scholarship to further my post-graduate studies in Tokyo. And that’s precisely what I am doing right know. In my spare time I practice basketball with some fellow friends at my university, or go to karaoke. Or both. And although I miss Catalan people, culture and food, I have to say that living in Japan doesn’t fell that much of an abroad experience anymore. Thanks to my many visits to this iconic country, it starts to feel like a second home.
Last but not least, I would like to add that I am very happy to be the curator of @catalanvoices. Thanks again for giving me this great chance!


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