Curator #86: Oriol Massot


My name is Oriol Massot Andreu. I’m 31 years old and proud to be from Flix, Terres de l’Ebre, even though it’s been almost three years since I moved to Reykjavík.

I always wanted to live in Iceland since I came for the first time in 2008. This country is such an amazing place to be, and never stops surprising me with its powerful nature, glaciers, northern lights, geysers, etc…

The main question I’ve been always asked is: “Why would a catalan, with such an amazing weather, would move over a nordic country?”. To be honest, I must confess that the current economical situation in my beloved country doesn’t help too much on this, but my dream was to feel what is it to be an icelandic citizen.

Nowadays I’m finishing my Masters Program in International Business by the University of Reykjavík, while working in the industrial sector, and studying icelandic language. My free time is spent between reading about politics and economics, playing drums with some friends and enjoying with my girlfriend Maria some hikes and hidden places around this wonderful isle.

I believe little countries have much more flexibility in terms of opportunities, business, and future, and I really hope, our little country will be soon the land of future and freedom for those who have been abroad.


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