Curator #85: Monica Wahlström

Monica22I am Monica Wahlström. Very soon 43 years old, Swedish, living far up north, 30 km away from the present European Cultural Capital 2014 Umeå. My husband is Catalan, and we came to live in northern Sweden six years ago.

I am a social worker, and at the moment working strategically and with quality improvements of the social services in Vännäs, village of 8500 people where I live with my family. But, in January I start a new job, in charge of one part of the Child Protection Unit in Umeå.

In my spare time, I love cooking and travelling, and also put in quite some hours as a politician in the local municipality, I form part of the City Council. In Sweden corruption is very uncommon due to the great transparency required in the different municipality departments. In Vännäs, the social democrats and the left party have control, with some assistance of the green party. I am social liberal, and in opposition.

I have family in Barcelona, and many good friends, and a big chunk of my heart as well. I will tweet about whatever comes to mind during this week. And, also, I will go on a trip to Estonia these days, as we have mid-term holiday for our 9-year-old. So, just hang on! I am happy to provide my thoughts just as they come out!


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