Curator #82: Bernat Ollé

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How ah ya?

I’m Bernat (@bernatolle), a catalan in Baahston. The Hub of the Solah System. I wasn’t bon heah but have been tryin’ to fake the accent for some time now. About 12 yeahs, ta be precise. We tok something that’s not exactly English. Khakis here ah not pants, they ah what we staht the cah with. We eat chowdah and lobstah.  Go ta watch the Celtics in The Gahden. The third Monday of April we run THE marathon. In the wintah we have ferocious Northeastahs and the summah can be wicked hot. Foah beaches we head ta The Cape and foah mountains to Newhamsha and Vahmont. Everythin else necessary foah the world ta wohk is heah. If none of this makes sense to you, it’s not supposed to.

Back to normal English for the sake of understanding. I was born in Reus (they say the name has Celtic roots, how appropriate), capital of the Baix Camp, birthplace of architect Antoni Gaudi, the World’s roller hockey capital, and proud custodian of a charming dialect of catalan (naltrus, siroll, ideia, colegit, dillums, aquet, bora nit, alego, xalem…). Supposedly we have a rivalry with the lesser neighboring town of Tarragona, questionably designated as the province’s capital because the Romans left behind some ruins there or whatever.

I learned the craft of the chemical engineer back in Tarragona and was persuaded to never work as one after breathing this stuff for months working in a plant nearby. I then moved to the US of A to study some more at a school in Cambridge, MA where hackery trumps legacy. There I studied what makes bacteria happy, and later got a chronic infection with a widespread autochthonous virus.  These days I work in venture creation (what’s that?) in the biotechnology field.


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