Curator #81: Javier del Campo


Hi all, I am Javier del Campo (@fonamental) and I am a scientist. I was born 32, well almost 33, years ago in Manresa, a middle size town about sixty kilometers north from Barcelona. I grew up there and then I moved to Barcelona once I started college at University of Barcelona. I am currently living with my cat in Vancouver, British Columbia, on the Canadian West Coast.

I am a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia were I develop my research on ecology and evolution of microbial eukaryotes. Since I started doing research back in 2003 I have had the opportunity to work with different kind of people from all over the world, visiting their laboratories or joining them in sampling expeditions. Probably the most exciting one was in 2010 when I had the opportunity to join Tara Oceans. With them I sailed the Red Sea during one month analyzing the microbial community and visiting Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Djibouti. As a scientist I fulfilled one of my greatest illusions when I discovered a new organism and I had the chance to name it: Minorisa minuta. The name refers to its tiny size and as homage to my born town. As you have probably noticed I do not like to think about science as a solitary task, that is why I like to be an active member of the scientific community at a local level, being member of the Catalan Society for Biology, and at an international level being the Information Officer of the International Society of Protistologists.

Besides science my other great passions are comic books, traveling and politics. Sadly nowadays I do not have a lot of time for any of them, but I am trying my best to get away from science from time to time. Some friends and I founded in 2008 ComiCat, the first Catalan webpage devoted to comic books and graphic novel. Also I have a travel blog shared with my wife called La Gran Travessa. It is a bit out-dated, but there you can still find some information about the trips we have been doing since 2005 around the world. And finally, to maintain alive my interest about Catalan politics I keep reading newspaper and I manage the politics news twitter aggregator @piulitica.

I’ll be curating @CatalanVoices during the following weeks. I have not a clear agenda, but I will try to talk mostly about science, about my daily life here in Vancouver and probably I will not be able to avoid talking a bit about Catalan politics, but hey, we are in the middle of something big! ;-)


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