Curator #80: Andreu Asensio


My name is Andreu Asensio (@andreu_asensio). I am 36 years old journalist and I was born, I grew and I live in Barcelona. I’d like to die in Barcelona too, but it’s very expensive.

When I studied journalism I wanted to change the world, now I think we can change some things at least, maybe little ones but important. I try to do it working in La Torre de Barcelona (The Tower of Barcelona) a magazine that I helped to born five years ago. I like to write about local facts (lost causes are my favorites), health (how to improve the quality of our life), psychology and culture. I work also in with a younger group of pioneers that want to reinvent journalism in our country. This is our ambition and our dream.

Many people think that language is only a tool for understanding to each other. OK. But I belong to a more humanistic group of people. We think that every language offers a different point of view about the world. When a language dies it dies a single way to explain our world. For this reason I reclaim the use of Catalan language to write about all issues. It’s our way to explain the world.

Literature and wine are my passions. If you visit Barcelona I hope we can share a bottle of wine talking about books. I will recommend to you some very interesting Catalan writers and we will taste some special wines from my country.


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