Curator #79: Joan Cuevas


My name is Joan Cuevas (@joancuevas). I’m a 28 years old political sciencist based in Sabadell, a city near Barcelona. When I was a child I was a swimmer but, as I grew up, I changed the subject to politics and civil society. To be honest I prefer politics rather than water!

I studied political science at the UAB in Barcelona and a Master in Social and Public Policies in the UPF and Johns Hopkins University. I believe in politics as a way to have common projects and dreams to improve the public wellbeing (Rather than a fight to achieve the power).

Currently I’m working in Pere Tarrés Foundation, an organisation of the catalan third sector. Its mission is to improve the citizens lives through education, social action and leisure. Specifically I’m working at the consulting and research department, more focused on improving the impact and management of non profit organisations.

I believe in a committed society, with enterprises, government, social organisations and people with sensitivity toward social, political, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Catalonia is a good example of an important fabric of social enterprises and social organisations working for a better future. Let’s improve even more that sector!

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