Curator #78: Arnau Duran


Hello! my name is Arnau Duran (@arnauduran). I was born in this nice town called Girona 23 years ago. Last june I graduated in Civil Engineering in University of Girona and this September I will be moving to Barcelona, where I will study a Masters Degree in Statistics in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, which will be a major challenge for me, since in addition to continuing my superior studies I will have to learn what it is to live in such a giant city like Barcelona. I also hope that living there will bring me the opportunity to discover the city in depth. There is so much to see and do!

Apart from the engineering thing, I mainly devote my time to two things: travelling and free knowledge in Catalan language. I really enjoy travelling and I will take any opportunity I’ve got to get away for some days, either abroad or inside Catalonia, where there is so much to discover. I like to solo travel –it forces you to meet new and cool people– but I try to combine it with trips together with my girlfriend, friends or family.

Now you are probably wondering about the “free knowledge” stuff. I’ve been contributing to the Wikipedia in Catalan, the free encyclopedia in my language, since 2006 (I was really young then), and now I have almost 40,000 editions (that is nothing compared to some other people). The Catalan community in the Wikipedia project is very welcoming and hard-working: we now offer almost 450,000 articles in Catalan (for example, compare it with the 1.2 million offered in Spanish, which has a way more larger number of speakers). Of course, there is lots of work to do (mainly, improving articles), so I also joined Amical Wikimedia in 2010. Amical works for free knowledge in Catalan and especially for improving the Wikipedia in Catalan by, for example, starting collaborations with museums and libraries, doing talks in universities or funding editors to attend international conferences. Right now, I am Amical’s president (since 2013), but I still consider myself a regular member and I keep contributing as a volunteer, like everyone else.

Aside from travelling and Wikipedia, I have many other hobbies. In case you are interested, these include Geocaching, coin collecting, basketball and other things you can find in my website.

Finally, I must say I’m really excited to be a @catalanvoices curator and, furthermore, to be the curator during the week that contains the September 11th. As you may know, this is the National Day of Catalonia, which is really important this year since it precedes November 9th, the day which the Referendum for Catalan Independence will be held. I will participate in the demonstration in Barcelona and I will [try to] tweet live from there.

See you on Twitter! :-)



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