Curator #77: Joan Puntí

JoanPuntiMy name is Joan Puntí Recasens, I was born in Vic, Catalonia in 1970 and now live in Rubí, just a few miles from Barcelona.

I studied Anglogermanic Phililogy at the UAB in Barcelona and have since worked as an English teacher in a private school in Barcelona and also as a literature translator, with more than 20 novels translated of authors such as Gore Vidal, Amy Tan, John Le Carre and Donna Leon.

In my youth I also had a try at poetry and published some poems and codirected a radio programme on poetry for a couple of years.

At the present moment I’m in charge of press and communication area of the teacher’s union at UGT Catalunya. This responsability gives me a privileged perspective of what’s going on in our country at the present moment, both from the national and the social point of view. We’re living one of the most interesting moments of our recent history, in which our civil rights, freedom and democracy are at stake.


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