Curator #76: Jaume Nualart

My name is Jaume Nualart Vilaplana, I was born in north Catalonia, Vic. I grew up in the south, Alacant.
I live in Canberra (Australia) since almost 2 years with my wife, Amelia and our son Jordi Kiami, 2 years old. I’m a double PhD candidate. in the University of Canberra and University of Barcelona. For years I work and research in the field of data visualisation, specifically in text visualisation and exploration, proposing approaches and ideas and coding tools. I publish in AO journals (as first author, at least) and use and code free software. Besides that I don’t have any other religion.
Originally I studied chemistry in the Autonomous University of Barceliona. With this scientific base I have been always working in multidisciplinary environments. From hackers and activists (hacker spaces, Indymedia) to digital humanities (media art research, digital archives, museums, libraries); from freelance world (IT coding and consulting) to education (high schools, universities). I’m a free knowledge advocate, for software, education, health and any kind of human knowledge.
I’m 46. I came late to the academic world, in exchange I bring experience. I guess data visualisation is now getting used in many fields. So I hope to find a postdoc position this time in Europe. The only reason for this is to be close to family, otherwise, Australia, and (yeah!) lovely Canberra. In case you know something related to this… thanks to point me to :-)
I’t’s for me a great pleasure and an honor to participate as curator in @CatalanVoices. The process that Catalans are facing this days is a great challenge in our modern history, and a unique opportunity to gain international presence, recognition, and, finally, freedom. I will try to twitter about this topic but not only, my twitter profile is @jaumetet, and the description says:
“twits in English & Catalan mainly. About:catalan politics + free software, visualisation, data, knowledge. from an
OpenAccess PhD candidate+ African politics”
I promise I will try to do my best. Tweet you  soon!

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