Curator #75: Oriol Gracià


When I was child I wanted to be a clown and a fireman, but I do not remember the day when I left behind this kind of childish ideas to decide that I wanted to be journalist. In fact, I never sat down and made a conscious decision to do this. In life, things arrive in a completely natural way and It was chance that brought me to the exicting world of communication. Since I passed my journalism degree at Barcelona University (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) I have tried many fields of journalism. I have worked in the press, on the radio and also on television, a bit everywhere, as if I wanted to confirm that I was a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’, as people had colled me few years ago.

I like the country where I come from and also its history and consequently in recent years I have been working as a journalist for Descobrir Catalunya travel magazine and Sàpiens history magazine, publications with which I am still working as a contributor. But now, I am focousing my job on the audiovisual activity. Two years ago I obtained the Master Degree in Creative Documentary (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and this is the field where I’m now working. The documentary is an ambigous format —just al half-way point between journalism and cinema— that allows me to explain those kind of stories too often forgotten by media conditioned by the ‘now and here’.

I have been living in Edinburgh since summer 2013 in order to to write about the road to the Scottish Referendum of Independence. Besides of that, I’m also one of the co-founders of “Referendum tour“, which guides Catalan-speaking tourists through the main monuments and buildings of Edinburgh related to the Scottish Referendum of Independence.
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