Curator #71: Joan Solé



My name is Joan Solé (@_JoanSole) and I’m a catalan journalist and writer. I’m very proud to be the curator of @CatalanVoices this week.

About me, I’m 24 years old. Despite my young age, I have written a book about the present and future of journalism where I interviewed the directors of the most importants newspapers of Catalonia ‘Entrevistes amb el Quart Poder’. Also, I have founded two medias: My first one was during my time at the univesity, Was a college newspaper about student’s political opinion. Now, finished my college studies, I’m working in my second project,, a digital magazine about social and cultural issues. We only publish reports, interviews and opinion because we believe in a slow and hard worker journalism. Moreover, I’m finishing my second book and I post opinion articles on my blog and others media.

This year I have been living in England, discovering british journalism through the english society and I have studied Brazilian society during the first weeks of the FIFA World Cup. Both experiences had been great to find and discover different points of views of journalism and ways of living.

If you want to follow me or you want to send me a message, you can do it on my Facebook page: 


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