Curator #67: Thomas Bobo


Mi name is Thomas and I will be your curator for this week. I’m really excited about it, and will do my best to help you discover what Catalonia is, and how I understand this amazing country!

So, a little self-description then. I am originally French, born in this small portion of territory called Northern Catalonia, just across the Pyrenees mountains. My family is pretty much a mix-up between the French and Spanish part of Catalonia, so I have the luck of having a double cultural background. I spent my childhood and teen years in a small but gorgeous part of Catalonia: the Cerdanya plateau. Although it’s quite a lost place – we’re barely 1,400 in my village – you couldn’t dream of a better place to grow up in. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, at the crossroads of two States, but with a strong sense of communities in both sides of the border, I had a great time there! As a result, I obviously like sports, nature, but I’m also keen on traveling, making new friends and cultural exchanges.

Thus, I was pretty sad to leave my hometown to go complete my Master’s degree in International Relations at Sciences Po Toulouse, in southwestern France. Those five years away from home ended up reinforcing my love for the place I come from, and my will to share it with others! And now, so as to finally finish my education and maybe do what I like (in Catalonia, hopefully), I am completing an internship in New York City during this summer.

Here I am, a 23 years old country guy talking from the other side of the Atlantic. I’m happy to share this little piece of my life and with you, so either if you’re interested in Catalonia and its specificity, want to know more about hiking in the Catalan Pyrenees or just willing to have an insight in the life of a Catalan expatriate to the United States, you’re at the right spot!


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