Curator #65: Marc Perelló

CityUKHello friends!

My name is Marc Perelló (@MARC1886) and I am a Catalan journalist and media researcher. I hereby assume the responsibility of being the curator to the @CatalanVoices account with great honor and joy.

First of all, I must thank my parents for pushing me to study English since an early age. Such a common thing today was not so common when I was younger. Without their support, I would not have the level I have today, and I would therefore not be suitable to write in English for this account. But the truth is I love English so much I even applied and received a grant to study abroad in the United States for my BA studies. It was in Houston, Texas. It allowed me to meet very different people, with very different opinions, from very different countries. I spoke to them with passion of Catalonia and it made me realize that I had to continue the internationalization of my homeland somehow. And here I am!

As I was just saying, I am a journalist, an entrepreneurial journalist. When I finished my bachelor degree, in the beginning of the economic crisis that hit Europe really hard, it was quite difficult to find a decent job in the media outlet. Because of this situation, I started meeting with other young journalist with entrepreneurial thoughts and motivations. Together we started a collaborative and digital newspaper, which was completely independent from any powers and resulted quite successful and renowned: Revista Mirall. The newspaper is now going under major changes and will be re-launched soon.

I am also a media researcher at Abat Oliba CEU University. I belong to two different research groups, both devoted to analyzing and understanding the impact of the ITCs (Information & Communication Technologies) in the digital society, and more particularly, in digital journalism and its audience (all of us). I have published some scientific articles (I’m barely beginning, though) and I have been recently appointed one of the youngest members in the Scientific Board of the Communication and Media Research Center. I also belong to the Media Ecology Association. While pursuing my PhD studies I had the chance to visit the CityUniversity London and the University of Copenhagen for research duties, among other European universities. These were very exciting and fruitful experiences. If you are interested in Communication Sciences, you may follow my academic works at my blog: MarcPerelló.cat.

And this is as far as I can tell you without getting boring. I’m here to speak and share, but also to listen and learn. It will be a great pleasure to expand the voices of Catalonia worldwide. Let’s begin!


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