Curator #64: Mont Plans

Mont Plans

Hi! I’m very happy and proud to be your curator for “Catalan Voices” this week.

My name is Mont Plans, and I am an actress and singer.

I was born in a little village in the heart of Catalonia called Artés, a few kilometers from Manresa, which is quite an important industrial and commercial town. Although I left the country to go live in Barcelona at a very early age, I still have the character that comes with being born in the country.

I am an actress who sings, or perhaps a singer who acts. I’m not really sure since I love both of those things. I am fortunate to have been able to make my living on stage since 1980. I was already 32 by then, so I did a lot of other things before I found my true profession, including being a photo journalist for some years, and travelling a lot while as a freelance photographer.

But since 1980 I have had the privilege to start working as an actress and for nine years I belonged to one of Catalonia’s most famous theater companies called La Cubana. Following I spent 6 years in a specialized musical company called Dagoll Dagom.   After that I start to work with most of Catalonia’s best directors, and with many wonderful theater productions.

I have also produced my own plays and, of course, I performed them. I have appeared in TV sitcoms and participated in a lot of chat shows. My blog is in case you are interested.

To speak languages and to be able to really understand people has been a very important part of my life, so I once spent a year living in London and I have also had some long stays in France. In fact, I love to travel! That’s why I have visited not just most of Europe, but also the U.S., Mexico, India, and a few countries in Africa.   Wherever I went when people asked me where I was from I could never say that I was Spanish. I always answered “I’m Catalan.” If they didn’t know what that meant I said, ”Catalan. From Barcelona.” I don’t know why. Even though I grew up and went to school during the Franco dictatorship, I just never learned how to be “Spanish.”

Actually, I love Spain as a country and I love the people of Spain. Some of my best friends are from all over Spain. However, as I love France or England, I never felt the need to be “Spanish” or “French”. I always strongly felt “Catalan”.

As I said I love to travel. However I think Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places to live in the whole world. Not too big, not too small, nice weather, good food, and lots of fun and culture.


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