Curator #62: Natàlia Lloreta



Meet Nata Lloreta, a 35 year-old woman who loves the landscape of the dry land of Urgell and believes in culture as a means to change the world. Ambitious, I know.

I live in Tàrrega, in Catalunya’s far west. This almost 17.000-inhabitant town is best known for its international Street Theater Festival ( @firatarrega) held every second weekend of September. I’m sure that having this festival in town, born along with Democracy in Spain, has given us a healthy and wide vision of the world.

I was born and raised in a very small village next to Tàrrega, called El Talladell. Among only 200 inhabitants, childhood there was awesome.

I’ve lived in the US for a year (junior year in a ranch in Angola, IN) in Barcelona for 6 years (university and explosion of life) in Copenhagen for half a year (Erasmus at Roslkilde University) and in Torino for 5 months (working for a Cinema festival run only by left-wing women). I love all the places I’ve lived and I’ve learned a lot from all the people I’ve met.

In Barcelona I attended Universitat Pompeu Fabra where I graduated in Audiovisual Communication. I enjoyed it very much but I still believe I could have studied any other thing. I have no clear vocation except for a big curiosity in humanity.

Right now I run a little company called Intersecció ( @interseccio) with Jesús, my business partner. We created it in 2012 and it’s dedicated to audiovisual projects, cultural management and we also edit a local magazine.

I am very proud of the local magazine, called Londarí (Lon-dah-ree). It’s monthly and it’s edited only in paper with very low presence online, except from some publications on social networks (@revistalondari and facebook). Maybe we go too counter-trend but every number of Londarí (we will be issuing number 17 by the end of May) has become an object, and our readers keep it and collect it.

These days I’m also very busy preparing the first edition of Embarrat (@embarrat) a contemporary creation festival to be host in Tàrrega, 6 – 24 June. It will take place in Cal Trepat (@museutrepat) an old factory that has become a museum. We will have great exhibitions of emerging artists, concerts, conferences, electronic music… Also, the international artist Joan Fontcuberta will attend Embarrat to present his last book Trepat, inspired by the factory.

I could write for hours but I’d rather meet you online!

I’m very happy to be a @catalanvoices !

Let’s start!


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