Curator #60: Diana Coromines

DianaCatVoices (2)Hi there! My name is Diana (@dianacoromines) and I’m very honoured to be the #60 curator of @CatalanVoices.

I love languages (I speak German, English, Danish, French, and Catalan) and I love chatting with people from abroad to know about their culture, way of life, and traditions. And of course, to spread the word about Catalonia and Catalan national identity :-) Today Catalonia is quite well-known around the world, and I no longer need to specify ‛I’m from Barcelona’ every time I introduce myself whenever I’m abroad (which was really tiresome, I have to say). But there are many people who still say in reply: ‛oh, Spain!’… Well, hold on: not really…! So it is still necessary to tell people about Catalonia as the thousand year-old European nation it is, with its own culture, history, and language. That’s what I try to do through the blog I started writing some years ago in Danish, when I went to live to Denmark (my second homeland ;-) to write part of my PhD at the Copenhagen Business School. In my blog I talk about the exciting process that Catalan society has set out towards the creation of a new state, a process that will reach a crucial milestone on November 9th 2014, when Catalans will decide in a referendum if we want Catalonia to be an independent country. So on the whole, being the curator of @CatalanVoices for a few days suits me down the ground, and I’m very excited about it!

I work as a freelance translator and journalist, and I’m editor-in-chief of a literary periodical called Lletres. It is in fact the periodical of Grup del Llibre (the reader’s Club of the Catalan Countries, with more than forty years of history), and our main goal is to promote literature in Catalan. It is of course written in Catalan (a lovely language, by the way ;-) ), and if you want to know more about it, I strongly recommend that you watch this three-minute video ( with English subtitles).

I’m passionate about reading and writing, so you can expect me to tweet about books, literature, or culture in general but also about social and political issues. I’m eager to share my thoughts and my daily life in Barcelona with you!


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