Curator #55: Núria Trias

New Wacom tabletHi!
I’m Núria Trias i Valls but on the www I’m mostly known as *** nenée *** a trendy shibuya girl and comic manga artist :D
Born in Igualada (Catalonia), my day job is on the Catalan Civil Service but on my spare time I create my own world with the help of pencils and Photoshop.

I started drawing comics at the age of 8 and I’ve been a self-taught artist since then.
In 1990, TV3 – the Catalan TV channel- broadcasted DragonBall, a Japanese cartoon, in Catalan.
That was a revelation to me and to many more Catalan children who started drawing Son Goku straight from the TV screen. DB, as it is known, became a generational phenomenon in Catalonia.

I never thought I would become a bit famous thanks to DragonBall.
My main manga production is a comic based on DragonBall’s characters Vegeta and Bulma, called “Pink Lovers”. I share this and other comics and illustrations for free on my website and on other online webpages.

I’m a real fan of the net. I move my production mostly on the www and I’m quite addicted to social networks like Twitter, Tumblr or Deviantart, where I can meet other artists and readers from anywhere in the planet.
I attend most MangaCon in Barcelona (Saló del Manga de Barcelona) but the offline distribution costs of my printed work are higher than its online distribution so I tend to keep on sharing and advertising my works mostly online.

See you on the net. Have fun!


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