Curator #53: Alina Mierlus

alinaHi! I’m Alina Mierlus, a new Catalan living in Barcelona since 2008. My background is in computer science, but I also have an interest in public policies and social impact of new technologies. I’ve been working at the intersection of technology and civil society for a while, first as a student in Romania (my homeland country) and then in Catalonia.

I strongly back free software concept as a reliant way to tackle today’s issues on security, privacy and user sovereignty in digital environments, and thus, I’ve been contributing and working on initiatives such as: Free Software Foundation Europe, Mozilla and other local free software projects.

Right now, I’m working as a coach and support for young developers shaping the future of web applications and helping local organizations adopt new technologies. My project is (currently working with my partner Toni Hermoso).

When not working, I enjoy reading science fiction novels, political theory and philosophy of science, playing with my micro-computers and hiking.

You can learn more about me at:


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