Curator #51: Bernat Añaños

BernatHi everyone, my name is Bernat Añaños Martinez. Where do I live? Difficult to answer. I just arrived 2 days ago at home (Amer – Catalonia) after working in Beijing (China) in a company for 5 months and a month of travelling around Southeast Asia. But, where I am from? Catalan from Girona. I was born in Barcelona (1990) and raised in Amer (Girona). In 2008 I went back to Barcelona to study Advertising and Public Relations at “Escola Superior de Relacions Publiques” (ESRP) ascribed to the University of Barcelona. After that I have been travelling the world as much as I could, both to improve my English skills and to learn more about different cultures, new people and to open up my mind. Today, here I am, again at home, where my roots are.

From 14 I took part in multiple projects, several being part of the creation process, and different teams. From new associations, national and international cultural exchanges to University groups. Leader in “l’Esplai la Teranyina” (with the best youth group in the world) and part of the coordination team of the exchange Amer – London. Interested in learning languages, political and society movements and new international experiences.

A year and a half ago I finished right after receiving the worst news of my life : the death of my mother. Silvia Martinez, maybe most of you can remember her fighting on her blog (Industries I Caminars at Vilaweb), twitter and being part of 10.000 a Brusel.les or other demonstrations. Since then I decided to take this chance to become the professional and the person that she had always been fighting for.

Nowadays my main goals to accomplish are studying a Master in International Relations & International Business and to start some entrepreneurial ideas I have in mind. I am a versatile, energetic and creative mind. Dynamic and a good team-player but also capable to work alone. Respectful and tolerant with opposite opinions. Persistent to accomplish my professional goals (tossut in Catalan).

During these months in the Chinese capital I have also been in the organizing committee of the conference “the untapped potential of professional events” at the American Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore during these years I have been active in social networks, online newspapers and online courses. I can highlight my current incorporation as contributor and columnist for the platform “United Explanations”.

I believe in a new generation of young leaders being able to change the world. It is for this reason that I prepare myself to be part of this new movement.

As you probably know, it is more difficult for one single person to put through ideas than to cooperate in a team or in a community to finally fulfill our objectives. So, it would be nice to hear back from all of you if you want to share your knowledge and ideas, and even more important your illusion and energy.

You can also read my personal blog where I post some ideas when I feel the urge to write.

If you want to contact me: LinkedIn profile or Twitter.


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